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Welcome to the Florida Society

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Available below are various forms or documents used by the public for activities and contests for the Florida Society and its committees. Some forms will require you to go to the SAR website and do a search for the particular form. SAR has forms spread amongst the various menu links: 'Education/CAAH' or 'Members' and subject links under these.
Forms strictly used by Florida Society members are accessed via the Members Only link. Click on the link to log onto the Members Only site or to request User ID & password.

Accessing Forms and Documents

To access these forms, either right-click and choose the appropriate SAVE function (browser dependent language) or, for some forms, OPEN the form and save to your computer. . PDF fillable forms require that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. These are free downloads from http://get.adobe.com/reader/. Make sure you check for updates by going to the Adobe website or by opening up Reader, clicking on HELP and Select 'Check for Updates'.
Mac users - MUST specify that ALL PDF files be opened using Adobe Reader and NOT Preview.

Form Name Additional Form Type Form Link Description
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