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Minute Man Medal


The Minuteman Award is the highest award presented to a member by the National Society. It is presented for active and distinguished service rendered to the SAR at the national level. Annually at the Spring Leadership Meeting, the Minuteman Committee, which is composed of members holding the award, will select no more than six award recipients for the current year and announce those selected at the meeting. The President General appoints the Minuteman Committee. The award was authorized in 1952 and consists of a rectangular medal, struck in sterling silver suspended from a neck ribbon of light blue silk. The obverse depicts a Minuteman holding a rifle with a plow in the background along with the Liberty Bell. The reverse is inscribed "Highest Award of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution. Presented to (Name, Year)." The medal is accompanied by a certificate. A miniature version is available. The President General presents the award during the Minuteman Ceremony at each Annual Congress. At that ceremony, all previous recipients of the award in attendance, dressed in white dinner jackets, are seated on the dais. The new honorees are escorted to the dais by a previous recipient of the Minuteman Award chosen by the honoree. The Minuteman Award is awarded only to individual members on a onetime basis. It is not presented in absentia.

A nominee must have a minimum of five years of active and distinguished service to the National Society. He must have served at least three years in a National elective office (General Officer, Vice President General, Trustee, or Alternate Trustee); as well as having served as a Committee or Task Force Chairman/Vice Chairman for at least three years. All requirements should be thoroughly reviewed before making the nomination

Ray O Edwards
John F Lanier
Austin R Drew
Herbert C Roberts
Carl k Hoffman
Matthew B Sellers
Richard Thompson, Jr.
Carleton E Fisher
Carl A Nissen, Jr.
Edward S Hoyt
Richard Edward Friberg
Ralph D. Nelson, Jr.
DE; Lake-Sumter
Roland G. Downinq
DE; Jacksonville
Lindsey Cook Brock
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