The Caloosa Chapter undertakes projects and activities  that support the purpose and objectives  of the Society which are declared to be patriotic, historical and educational. Included are those intended or designed to perpetuate the memory of the men who, by their services or sacrifices during the war of the American Revolution, achieved the independence of the American people. Some of these are:

· AMERICANISM to promote principles of freedom and liberty for all Americans.

· EAGLE SCOUT to supervise and promote an Eagle Scout Awards program.

· FLAG to encourage patriotic respect for the Flag of the United States and promote Flag day programs.

· HISTORICAL SITES AND CELEBRATIONS to preserve, mark and interpret historic sites and buildings and promote their recognition by celebrations.

· HISTORICAL ORATION to conduct an annual Rumbaugh Orations Contest at the National Congress.

· ESSAY CONTEST to conduct an annual Knight Essay Contest with recognition at the National Congress.

· LAW ENFORCEMENT to promote the recognition of persons who have distinguished themselves in the preservation of law and order.

· LINEAGE RESEARCH WORKSHOPS to promote family research by conducting courses on genealogical procedures.

· REVOLUTIONARY WAR GRAVES to register final resting places of Patriotic forefathers and publish listing of Patriotic Graves.

· PRESERVE UNITED STATES HISTORY to develop and implement a program to fight misleading US History in school textbooks

· VETERANS to encourage recognition of and support to veterans in VA hospitals.

Compatriot Rev. Dr. Albert Myers and Color Guard dedicating a Liberty Tree in Kiwanis Park, Cape Coral.

A Silver Good Citizenship Award being presented to Compatriot MG (Ret.) James Dozier by Past President Randy Moody and the late Guy Walton

An annual contest held in preliminary rounds by state societies and chapters, with one winner who is selected from each state. Final competition at the National Congress  results in selection of winners, with the 1st place National winner receiving $4,000 and other winners receiving smaller awards.

Fire Safety Medal presented to Ken Bennet, Lehigh Acres Fire & Rescue Department. Left to Right: Compatriot Allen Brown, Chief Don Adams, Ken Adams, and Past President Randy Moody

Outstanding Cadets in local JROTC Programs are recognized at the Caloosa Chapter

Color Guard

Awards to First Responders

Rumbaugh Orations

Citizenship Awards


Project List

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