Central Florida Chapter Elected Officers and Appointed Committee Chairmen


(the assistants noted in red simply implies that the Committee Chairs should seek out individuals for these positions – could in fact make good officers or chairs in the future)

President Burt Fairchild - 407-889-4139 –

  • Prepares and distributes Meeting agendas as appropriate
  • Attendance at FLSSAR BOMs -- participates & represents Chapter as appropriate

1 st Vice President John A. Lynch Jr. 407-607-5068 –

  • Serve in President's absence
  • Identify program speakers and/or presenters for year
  • Prepare and distribute annual calendar of programs

2 nd Vice President Robert D. Smither– 407-539-0004 –

  • Serve in absence of 1st Vice President
  • Telephonemembership regarding meeting attendance and meal menu

Treasurer DanielW. Stebbins – 407-830-6946 ---

  • Assistant __________________________
  • Responsible for all financial responsibilities of Chapter
  • Prepare all financial reports
  • Maintain all financial records

Secretary Gary L. Smith – 386-668-1757 ---

  • Assistant ___________________
  • Maintains current membership list
  • Takes minutes at meetings

Registrar& Genealogist Donald E. Green – 407-489-0716 –

  • Assistant ___________________
  • Identify and coordinate applications of new SAR members and transfers.

Chaplain Rev. George S. Andrews – 407-682-9362 –

  • Assistant Chaplain – Dabney Davis 321-636-4676– No e-mail
  • Invocation & Benediction at all meetings
  • Monthly article for Minuteman

Historian Albert L. Rolon – 321-804-4624 –

  • Assistant ___________________
  • Maintains all records of the Chapter

Sergeant at Arms

* Randall W. Gastfield–

  • Assistant ___________________
  • Within many organizations, the Sergeant at Arms plays a vital role as to how an organization is prepared for various meetings and activities, with their primary responsibility being to maintain order within an organization at all times.

Immediate Past President who is an automatic member of Executive Board

  • Donald Green – 407-489-0716 ---

  • Attends executive board meetings & assists President as appropriate

Two Board Members to be appointed by incoming President with approval of Executive Board

  • (one)
  • (two)


Committee Chairmen --- Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter Challenge Report

  • Randal T. Allen - 407-909-9649 – rallen397@cfl.rr.coim
  • Assistants as necessary ____________________________
  • Report prepared by President and others as necessary

Color Guard Commander

  • Andrew V. Showen – 407-299-5488 ---
  • Assistant Commander ____________________________
  • Prepares & Coordinates all scheduled activities relating to the Color Guard activities and recruitment of new members

Chapter Yearbook – The Chairman takes the necessary steps to update the Chapter Yearbook that provides both Chapter History and individuals who have performed in an exceptional manner.

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Central Florida Chapter President
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