Veterans Recognition & FLSSAR Veterans Battalion

FLSSAR Veterans Recognition

Text Box: The Florida Society  of the  Sons of the American Revolution     Veterans Battalion  The FLSSAR Veterans Battalion has been formed to honor members of the Florida Society who have, in the finest traditions of our Patriot Ancestors, served in the Armed Forces of the United States, or our allies, thereby protecting the freedoms and liberties first given us by the blood and treasure of our Forefathers and continued to the present by the sacrifices of each following generation.

Membership in the FLSSAR Veterans Battalion shall be extended, upon application, to members of the Florida Society who have served or are serving honorably on active duty in any branch of military service, such service as has been determined to confer veteran’s status under the various laws and regulations of the United States. An applicant to the FLSSAR Veterans Battalion will file a completed Survey Form MV-1 (Sample Form filled) along with supporting documentation to their Chapter President, or to the FLSSAR Veterans Recognition Committee (VRC). After the certification by the Chapter President (or the VRC) the member will be added to the muster roster of the Battalion.

All current members of the FLSSAR Veterans Battalion will continue to be enrolled regardless of any changes in policies or criteria for membership. Any Florida Society member who has been awarded the War Service Medal (WSM) or the Military Service Medal (MSM), whether by their Chapter, the FLSSAR, or the NSSAR will be enrolled in the Veterans Battalion without being required to submit any additional documentation. Conversely, anyone who is enrolled in the Veterans Battalion is by definition eligible for either the WSM or the MSM and they should be considered for such award by their Chapter. The criteria for these awards is established by NSSAR and reference should be made to the published standards to determine which award is appropriate.

The FLSSAR Database is organized first by FLSSAR Region, then by Chapter within the Region listed alphabetically. Individual members within each Chapter are listed generally in the order that they were enrolled in the Battalion. Each member is associated with the period during which they served on active duty. If it is known that they have been awarded the WSM or the MSM, this information is entered. The branch(s) of service served in are shown as well, if known. If the member has been awarded the Purple Heart or the Medal of Honor and the information has been verified, this is recorded as well.

Every member and every Chapter is encouraged to review the information in the Database and to submit any corrections required.

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